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One of your primary responsibilities as a pet owner is to care for your pet’s health. Vaccinations are a part of that care. Pet vaccines protect dogs and cats from life-threatening diseases. Many of these diseases have no cure, making it imperative that your pet be protected with a vaccine. At Coastal Animal Hospital, we offer core and non-core vaccinations to our pet patients in Kitty Hawk and Buxton, NC. Here’s what you should know about pet vaccines.

Pet Vaccinations

The Importance of Pet Vaccines

Like people, your pet can be infected with contagious diseases. A serious disease can have long-term consequences on your pet’s health or even lead to death. Vaccinating your pet can give him partial or full immunity against life-threatening diseases. The vaccine stimulates your pet’s immune system to fight against it, so he doesn’t succumb to its symptoms.

Some vaccines minimize the effects of a disease to keep your pet from getting deathly ill. Other vaccines protect your pet from the disease altogether. Either way, your pet’s health doesn’t take a hit. Pet vaccines also prevent the spread of diseases to people or other pets. Your entire community can benefit by vaccinating your pet.

Like many states, North Carolina requires that pets be vaccinated against certain diseases by law. In addition, many boarding facilities will only accept vaccinated pets as guests. Your Kitty Hawk/Buxton, NC veterinarian can vaccinate your pet during a pet exam.

Core & Non-Core Vaccines

Pet vaccines can be classified as “core” or “non-core.” Most vets consider core vaccines essential to your pet’s health, whereas non-core vaccines are optional.

Core vaccination treatments for dogs include:

- Rabies

- Distemper

- Canine Hepatitis

- Parvo-Virus

- Parainfluenza

Core vaccination treatments for cats include:

- Rabies

- Feline Combination Core Vaccine (FVRCP)

- Feline Leukemia

Your veterinarian may recommend a non-core vaccine if your pet is at risk of getting that disease due to his location or lifestyle. Lyme disease and kennel cough are examples of non-core vaccines.

Puppy & Kitten Vaccines

Puppies and kittens need a series of vaccines to protect their health as their immune systems are still developing. This series can start after your pup or kit is weaned, around 4–6 weeks of age. We'll follow this first dose with booster shots every 2–4 weeks until your pet reaches 12–16 weeks of age when the series ends.

Afterward, your vet will develop a vaccination schedule conducive to your pet's healthcare needs. Some vaccines may need to be administered annually, while others can be given every 2–3 years due to the extensive protection they provide.

See Your Kitty Hawk and Buxton Veterinarians for Vaccination Treatments

Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? To schedule vaccinations for your feline or canine friend, contact Coastal Animal Hospital in Kitty Hawk at (252) 261-3960 or Hatteras Island (Buxton, NC) at 252-995-3960.

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