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Conditions and Services at Coastal Animal Hospital

At Coastal Animal Hospital in Kitty Hawk and Buxton, NC, we offer a range of services treating common conditions that affect our pets. You might need to schedule a sick visit with our veterinarian for many reasons, and our job is to examine your pet's symptoms and diagnose the issue. We can recommend specific treatment options, including lifestyle changes and meeting with our pet surgeon. Here are some common conditions we treat and the services we offer.

Preventative Care and Comprehensive Exams

Your pet needs regular wellness exams for us to ensure it is living a happy and healthy life. It can't tell you when it's sick, so it's our job to determine if there's an underlying issue. An exam allows us to evaluate your pet's overall health and helps us gain a baseline measurement of your animal's unique needs.

Pet Illness Visits

As a pet owner, you have probably dealt with some vomiting and diarrhea at some point in your pet's life. Often these issues resolve themselves in a few hours, but if you notice your dog or cat is exhibiting unusual eating behavior or vomiting or diarrhea that isn't going away on its own, then it's time to seek treatment. Your veterinarian will perform an exam to figure out why your pet is feeling sick and discuss treatment options with you.


Sometimes more serious conditions require surgical intervention. Our pet surgeon treats many conditions, from removing tumors to performing general surgery, treating blockages, and more. Surgery can be stressful for the pet and owner, which is why you need a veterinarian and pet surgeon you trust to perform the procedure.

Pet Dentistry

Your pet's mouth says a lot about its overall health, and if you notice bad breath, swollen gums, discomfort while eating, or them batting at a part of their jaw, it's likely they are experiencing dental pain. We perform a range of dentistry treatments, such as teeth cleaning, extractions, and more. Additionally, we will provide treatment options to ensure lasting dental health.

Comprehensive Veterinary Care in Kitty Hawk

Like humans, your pet can encounter a wide range of health problems. Its health depends on age, lifestyle, breed, weight, and preexisting conditions. With the proper care, you can ensure an excellent quality of life for years to come.

At Coastal Animal Hospital, we know how important your pet is to you. We are dedicated to providing optimal care for your pet throughout its life, so you can rest assured that it is happy and healthy.

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